Camp Spike N Wave

Originally published June 12, 2011

Well, we put Shelby on a bus for camp today.  It's the Epilepsy Foundation's camp.  There are nurses and a neurologist on staff.  Shelby's personal camp counselor has a nursing degree...but it doesn't make me any less worried.  Even sweet Allie was concerned about who was going to take care of her sissy.  I cried a little.  I asked Chuck how long it would take for the knot in my stomach to go away.  And it's her 3rd year!  It's a great experience for her and a nice break for us as care-givers.  But we mommies rarely think anyone else can take care of our child like we can.
But I try to calm myself.  Every year has gone well.  There has never been a problem before.  No, Shelby is not functioning as well this year as she did last year, but we thought about it and prayed about it and felt like we should send her. I am allowing God to sooth my nervous soul, knowing that he loves her more than I do - knowing that his care for her is perfect.  He holds my baby in the palm of his hand and delights over her with singing (Zeph 3:17).  And when her myoclonic seizures come, and she can't keep her eyes open or her head up, the Bible says that the Lord will lift her head (Ps. 3:3) 
"When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul."  Ps. 94:19