Dog Puke and Justin Bieber

Posted by Lauren Sparks on August 10, 2013 at 3:40 PMDelete 
I'm still thinking about worship.  That's not obvious from the title of this blog?  Lest I offend anyone too much, I am not comparing Justin Beiber to dog puke, but worship to diaper rash cream.  Clear as mud?  Let me splain.  No time, let me sum up (obligatory Princess Bride reference).  While I was out, my dog Meg got her teeth around a tube of diaper rash cream, chewed it up, and somehow ate enough of it to make herself sick.  5 times... on my floors... and couches.  I have spared you a picture, but what I had to clean up was cream, mixed wtih dog food.  Yes, my life is just that glamorous.  Why do we even have diaper rash cream in our house with no babies left?  At 13, Shelby is only 21 months old developmentally and still not completely potty trained.  And occasionally, she still gets diaper rash.  Yes, my life is just that glamorous.  This made me think of worship.  (Huh?)

Diaper rash cream is a good thing.  It gives babies, and Shelby, much needed relief in times of irritation.  But used the wrong way, it made my dog very sick.  And this is where I finally explain why I think worship is like diaper rash cream.  God created us to worship.  It is ingrained in us.  Every fiber of our being longs to connect with something or someone higher than ourselves.  This is GREAT in relationship with God.  As grateful believers in Jesus Christ, we are filled, renewed and complete when we "worship the Father in spirit and truth".  But if we are not worshipping the one true God, we will worship something because it's a part of our nature.  Josh Riley's definition of worship that I used early this week says we worship what we value and treasure in life.  I value my relationship with my husband.  I treasure my time with my kids.  I love my job (best part time job ever).  I am grateful for my car, my home, and the computer I'm typing this on.  But if I place any of those things (or anything else) in priority above my relationship with God and what He would have me do, I am worshiping the wrong thing.  And in the long run, it will make me sick.  Heart sick.  Soul sick.  I fear my deepest struggle is in worshiping myself.  No, I don't sing songs to myself, or pray to myself; but I am guilty time and again of putting my own desires and my own agendas above what God has for me.  And that's never good.

In the same way we are meant to worship only God, we are not designed to be worshiped ourselves.  Here is where Justin Beiber comes in.  My daughter Allie's infatuation with the Beibs, is long over and I am grateful.  Don't get me wrong, he sings a catchy tune, but his reported behavior of late has been self-distructive, often illegal and narcissistic.  I have heard celebrity apologists state that the fact that he is 19 and has more money than Rockefellar is to blame for his bad behavior.  I think they are missing the point.  This kid has been in the spotlight since he was a pre-teen and he has been worshipped by millions.  Think worship is too strong of a word?  You tube a public appearance or concert footage and see if it doesn't change your mind.  We are not designed to be worshiped and don't know what to do with it.  No wonder he thinks he is invincible.

I would challenge you to look at what worship means to you and how you have carried it out.  It has been very interesting for me to spend a couple of days on this topic (maybe it hasn't been for you, but I never said this blog was all for you ;)).  I'll finish with the words of Jesus - which is definitely a challenge to me, "It is written, 'You shall worship the Lord Your God and serve Him only.'"