Dramedy of Errors

Originally published Sept 23, 2013

Chuck had to work today.  That is unusual for a Sunday, but he was in charge of 1st of the month inventory.  So the girls and I went to church without him and he agreed to pick up a few things we desperately needed from Sam's before he came home.  He texted me while still in church to say that he didn't have his wallet and would have to drive home and get it to go back to Sam's.  Then he texted me from home.  "My wallet must be in the console of your car."  Sure enough.  So after church we went back to pick him up and we all got a quick bite to eat before shopping.  Chuck decided to drop Allie and I at Target and take Shelby to Sam's so we could get more done at once.

I need to preface the next part by saying that we have a car that is much smarter than we are.  It is a keyless entry and ignition.  As long as the key is in your purse or pocket, you don't need it to open the doors, lock them or start the car.  Most of the time, I love the convenience of this.  Often, Chuck doesn't even grab his key to the car when we are together, knowing that mine is in my purse.  This was the case on our outing today.  So when Chuck dropped me off at Target, he drove away without a key to the car he was driving.  He didn't have a problem getting the mile away to the Sam's club parking lot, but when he tried to start the car back up, it wouldn't start.  So he is stranded a mile away from me in 100 degree heat with Shelby and no wheelchair in tow.  I am at Target with Allie, a basket full of home goods and the key.  Chuck tried calling road-side assistance.  There was nothing they could do.  He tried to reach a taxi service and struck out.  Finally, he explained his predicament to a manager that was in the Sam's club (thankfully it happened there and not at another establishment) who loaned him her car to drive over to Target and pick us and all of our purchases up to bring back to my car.  And what do you know?  When me - with the key in my purse - got in the car, it started right up!

I have no moral, lesson, or bible verse.  Just had to get that out and hope our redonkulous afternoon gives you a giggle.