One of Those Days

Originally published Oct 5, 2011

The day started with me spilling an entire 16oz cup of coffee onto myself and my gym bag on the way to teach a class.  I later spilled coffee, again, on a clean white shirt while driving.  I spilled a soda in the car after lunch.  I dropped Shelby's wheelchair on my foot.  I dropped a bottle of shampoo that exploded all over the floor.  I couldn't find a babysitter and had to take Shelby (with cooling vest, sunglasses and a spraybottle/ fan combo to try to keep the seizures away) to sit in the 110 degree heat for Allie's swim lesson.  Shelby tipped over a pool chair, smashing her arm between the concrete and the chair arm (not looking forward to what that's going to look like tomorrow).  My back hurts.  My shoulder hurts (that's nothing new).  And I'm grumpy (if you hadn't already figured that out by now.  And today - I have no nice, neat bow to tie this up.  That's just where I am.  Anyone else ever have days like this?  Trying to breath deeply and think positive thoughts.  Tomorrow is bound to be better!