New Directions

A few weeks ago,  I had the privilege of attending a writer's workshop that was generously gifted to me by my in-laws.  I have loved to write since the 3rd grade when I penned an ode to my favorite sport creatively titled "Softball".  If you haven't yet read this masterpiece, come on over sometime.  I still have the original!  I've written poems, devotionals, newsletters and even collaborated on a children's book (it's been read by 10's of people).  The last few years I have used a blog format to indulge in my hobby.  I appreciate the 6 or so of you who have read my thoughts over on  I created that website several years ago to tell Shelby's story and to help raise money for a research fund in Shelby's name to be awarded by the organization  The organization and the fund no longer exist.

While at the retreat weekend, I came to terms with the fact that, although I still enjoyed blogging from time to time, that website had outlived it's usefulness.  I was still blogging about Shelby, but also about my typical daughter, friendships, current events and Jesus.  I felt God telling me that it was time to move on from Shelby's Fast Feet and take my writing down a new path.  So...ta da!  The Sparks Notes is born.

I realize that the magnitude of this will only be felt by me.  It's not a big change to the 6 of you reader friends, but it feels like a huge step in obedience for me.  I am still the mom of a special needs child, and that colors everything in my life.  So I will continue writing about these challenges.  But it feels more authentic to give a new home to a blog that I intend to be about so much more.

I am working on a personal domain name (and if anyone has the technical know-how to help me extract it from one website and move it here please let me know because I am struggling!), but for now you can find me here at  I would love for you to join the blog as a member and/or subscribe by email so I know you are out there.  And thank you for taking the time to read again.

"See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"  Isaiah 43:19a