Mommy and Allie's Day of Yes

My husband was out of town for work earlier this week.  At the same time, Shelby, my oldest daughter, was at camp with the Epilepsy Foundation.  That left my youngest daughter and I some unusual alone time.  The first day we had all to ourselves, I decided to say "yes" to as many things as I could.  I know that sounds like a whole lot of spoiling, but I honestly grow weary of having to say "no" so much.  No to things that are dangerous.  No to inappropriate movies or music.  No to friends that I am not comfortable with.  No to activities that crowd our time.  No to things we cannot afford.  I don't doubt these decisions are in her best interest, but it can still make me feel like a humongous killjoy.  So for ONE DAY, I wanted to be a "yes man" - to as much as I could.

So how did the day go?  Lunch at her favorite little bakery?  Yes.  Dessert after?  Sure!  Manicures and pedicures together?  Sounds like fun (and it was - a treat for mommy too!).  Buy a very reasonably priced pair of athletic shoes when she already has a decent pair?  Sounds like an OK splurge to me.  Now, did she ask for things out shopping that I didn't want to pay for?  Absolutely.  But instead of saying "no", I asked if she was willing to spend her own money on it.  And she was.  Everyone wins. My little fan of the TV show "Cake Boss" wanted to see Carlos' new bakery in Dallas.  OK.  We even stood in line to sample a pastry.  She had never tried Boba Tea.  I googled the closest place to get her some.  Ramen noodles and ice cream for dinner?  It's just for one night, right?  And "Mommy, can I sleep with you?"  I would like nothing better - even if it means sleeping with your dog as well.

Would constantly giving your child everything she asks for be reasonable, feasible and healthy.  No.  Of course not!  But it certainly made for one fun day.

"A joyful heart is good medicine..."  Proverbs 17:22