Friday, December 1, 2017

Near (A Five Minute Friday Link-up)

photo by g-win

"Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
To the cross where Thou hast died;
Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
To thy precious, bleeding side."

As the daughter of a Southern Baptist music minister, the old hymns hold a special place in my heart. I love this one by Frances J. Crosby.  Especially this stanza:

"Oh, the pure delight of a single hour
That before Thy throne I spend,
When I kneel in prayer, and with Thee, my God
I commune as friend with friend!"

How I NEED my daily time with the Lord.  In Psalm 119 the author admits, "I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Your words." v. 14  Now truth be told, I try not to do ANYTHING before the sun comes up.  I enjoy staying in my warm and comfy bed for as long as possible each day, and breakfast with coffee must happen before I can put my mind on anything important.  But once I am up and at it, I start looking forward to bible study and prayer.  "O Lord, in the morning [ish] you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch."  Psalm 5:3  Now as an avid indoorsman, you will not find me presenting a slaughtered animal to God as David did.  Praise be to Jesus, He does not require it.  But in the fast-paced society we live in, our time is a sacrifice.  It is often difficult to carve out the margin to read, study, meditate and pray.  But it's worth it.  How do I know?  This promise from James 4:8:  "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

Thank you, Lord, for your constant presence with me.

I am joining Kate Motaung and other members of the Five Minute Friday community  for our weekly writing adventure. To learn about Five Minute Friday, click here. This week’s prompt is, “Near.”


  1. Delightful. I could sense Father's warm smile as you draw near to Him. May you soak and savor as you tuck under His wing.

    Avid indoorsman... lol. seriously. brilliant.
    YOU are a gift to me today!
    Thank you for posting!
    Jennifer visiting from FMF

    1. Thank you for your encouragement today. That has been a gift to ME, Jennifer.

  2. This is wonderful, Lauren. You make a compelling and skilfully-written case for this basic truth, that we NEED to have personal time with Christ.

    #1 at FMF this week.