10 Things We Can All Agree On

Did anyone watch the State of the Union Address this week?  That one question has the power to bring people to verbal - and maybe physical - blows.
In this climate of warring factions and threatened government shutdowns, I'm using my blog to unite us all.  I present, 10 things we can all agree on:

1.  The Flu is awful this year.  It has been no respecter of persons or vaccines.  May God bless us all.
2.  "This is Us" is the best show on television.  If you can't bring yourself to get on board, I may have to question whether the vote of a cyborg counts, because you obviously have a cold, dead heart.  Exhibit A - it's coming on after the Super Bowl this week.  Exhibit B - your social media feed every week filled with feelings, tears and the like.
3.  Personal mail is exciting.  When most communication is digital and most snail mail is bills and advertisements, all heart rates perk up at the sight of a card-shaped envelop or hand-written address.
4.  Parents will do just about anything to alleviate the suffering of their children.  This may have occurred to me because of the Flu, heart procedures, seizures, and friends caring for cancer-battling warriors right now.
5.  It's easier and tastier to up your nutrition game than it's ever been.  You no longer have to go to specialized grocery stores or eat things that taste like cardboard to lower calories and increase vitamins and minerals.  Healthier options are readily available at most grocery stores and many restaurants.  I'm not saying it's all good (sample a few protein bars and you'll know it's not), but some things may surprise you.  I'm looking at you, garlic roasted broccoli.  And I'm winking at you, Halo Top Ice Cream.  Which leads me to...
6.  Eating unhealthy is delicious.  Everyone needs a cheat every once in a while.  A life lived without a french fry or an occasional pizza (and not one on a cauliflower crust) is not worth living.
7.  Texas is too hot in the summer.  I know it's early February, but the temps are already reminding me that our always too-short winter is almost over.  Some of you would call readings in the 50's and 60's spring.  But we are still donning our boots and scarves because they will soon be packed away for the next 9 months.
8.  The ability to shop online has changed our lives and the landscape of retail forever.  If you don't believe me, check out this list of the Top 10 Sellers on Amazon with products varying from camping equipment to baby clothes.  The picture of the Shaxea Bodywear Mens Slimming Shaper on page 2 makes me giggle.
9.  Water is important.  Without it, we cannot make coffee.  I'm only sort of kidding.  Even if you don't like coffee, you drink water.  Or some drink made of water.  Or something.  We all need it.
10.  There is far too much uncivil discord.  Hence, this list.